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Ground Investigation

Murray Rix offers a comprehensive geotechnical and geo-environmental investigation and consultancy service. Investigations comprising site and laboratory testing, sampling and instrumentation for soils, rocks, groundwater and gases are tailored to suit individual Client’s needs. Consultancy services are provided by staff with extensive experience in dealing with a wide variety of projects.

Contaminated Land

Murray Rix offers a comprehensive contaminated land investigation and environmental consultancy service including: desk studies, walkover surveys, intrusive investigations, environmental monitoring, detailed human health and groundwater risk assessments, and the design and validation of remediation schemes. Projects include redevelopment of former Gas Works, Petrol Stations, Textile Factories, Industrial Developments, Landfill Sites and MOD sites.

Mines and Quarries Geotechnical Assessments

Murray Rix has extensive experience of Geotechnical Assessments of Tips, Lagoons, Stockpiles and Quarry Excavations in accordance with the Quarry Regulations. As Geotechnical Specialists under the Act, the design and monitoring of earthworks and lagoon systems forms a major component of our workload.

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