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Geotechnical Engineering

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Welcome to Murray Rix online.

Murray Rix provides expertise in Civil, Geotechnical and Environmental Engineering.

  • - Ground Investigations
  • - Contaminated Land Investigations
  • - Geotechnical Analysis and Reporting
  • - Foundation Design
  • - Desk Studies
  • - Slope Stability Analysis
  • - Subsidence Investigations
  • - Soakaway Testing and Design
  • - Mining Investigations
  • - Mines & Quarries Geotechnical Assessments
  • - Landfill and Earthworks Design
  • - Lagoon Design
  • - CQA and CDM

Murray Rix has extensive experience in Geotechnical and Environmental Engineering. Our staff has recognised expertise in ground investigations for Civil Engineering, Building and Environmental purposes. This includes operation of limited access drilling and testing equipment.

We undertake comprehensive desk studies, testing, analysis, interpretation and reporting on ground and groundwater conditions related to new build developments, land instability, subsidence, contamination, remediation and validation with due regard to the needs of the Client and the Regulatory Authorities. Projects requiring CQA are undertaken regularly along with work under the CDM Regulations. We also have extensive experience in undertaking geotechnical assessments under the Quarry Regulations as well as the design of lagoons, earthworks and landfill operations.

We contribute to research and regularly publish papers on a range of topics including unsaturated soils, contamination, landfill engineering, anchors and permeability.

Contamination Investigations

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